YorkGen 2000

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Finally got there .. at 4 o'clock in the morning.

(Click on the photos for close-ups)

Found my house and my friends at Halifax court ..

@HalifaxCt.jpg (40750 Byte)

Cecilia, Regina, Jane, Jeannie, Judy P, Herbert, Pat B, Judy

halifaxcourt1.jpg (23559 Byte)

View from my window

If we were good we were allowed out ..

through the village of Hesslington ..

village.jpg (50335 Byte) house.jpg (23720 Byte)  to the pub... charles.jpg (42555 Byte)

BJ.jpg (36972 Byte)

With Lance's wife Brenda

..or to Jocelyn's garden party ...

jocgarden3.jpg (19911 Byte)   jocgarden2.jpg (13453 Byte)   jocgarden.jpg (34970 Byte)

Jocelyn, Jeannie, Herbert, Judy


A visit with Jeannie and Judy to Burnby Hall Gardens

garden3.jpg (32839 Byte)

to see the famous waterlilies.

garden1.jpg (40281 Byte)   dovecote.jpg (29589 Byte)   garden2.jpg (29442 Byte)

A magical garden ..
after Judy and Jeannie spent a couple of pennies

we even got to see a fairy !

fairy.jpg (25996 Byte)

Jocelyn took us for a walk around the walls of York

York Minster as seen from the walls

      onthewall5.jpg (135796 Byte)

Richie and wife having a rest 

      onthewall1.jpg (55615 Byte)

Group photo on the wall

More to come soon... in the meantime look here

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