Wedding of Willis Charlesworth and Margaret Birch 

From left to right:

Douglas Brearley, ?, Herbert Crawshaw, 
Willis Charlesworth, Margaret Birch

?,?,?, Shelia Birch.

Sitting: Millie Charlesworth, Hilda Birch

Note from Evelyn Radley (nee GRIFFIN) 

"... you have 3 question marks, 
the young man on the far right is a Hodgkinson from Stocksbridge, they were
a large family.
Their youngest boy was killed in the bus crash of
Bolsterstone Choir in the 1940's.
The one in your photo is the next one up, we all used to go
dancing at the Victory club together, 
I know the faces of the others but after
all this years being away I cannot put names to them. Sorry!"

Date and place please :-)

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Harrycharlesworth1.jpg (22979 Byte)  Harrycharlesworth2.jpg (14650 Byte) 

Harry CHARLESWORTH, Willis' father

 Born Bolsterstone 8th April 1901 

UnaWillieAnnMillie.jpg (27178 Byte)

Una ? (nee CHARLESWORTH), Willie ?, Ann, Millie SHAW

Willis as a child

Willis-child.jpg (18751 Byte)   Willis-child2.jpg (14846 Byte)  Willis-child3.jpg (16705 Byte)

In the navy

WillisNavy1.jpg (16828 Byte)   WillisNavy2.jpg (13341 Byte)

WillisandMargaret1.jpg (32367 Byte)

Blackpool 1949

Margaret.jpg (20465 Byte)

Margaret as nurse

  Willisanddogs.jpg (43014 Byte)   Margaret2.jpg (11338 Byte)

With daughter Ann

AnnandMargaret.jpg (25713 Byte)      WillisAnn.jpg (13354 Byte)      WillisMargaretAnn1.jpg (21355 Byte)

AnnandKay.jpg (31278 Byte)

Ann with cousin Kay

Ann's other Grand-Mother .. Hilda Birch

HildaBirch.jpg (11876 Byte)

85CarrRoad.jpg (28892 Byte)

85, Carr Road, Deepcar .. where Ann grew up.