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I started researching my family tree in June 1998 and since then I've discovered 100s of new relatives.

In fact I started a new project for the village of Bolsterstone because I was sure 90% of the inhabitants were somehow related
and the count at the moment is 10,000

At the same time I also started researching my husband's family. 
Which is a different story all together. They came from Galicia. 
At different times part of Poland, Russia, the Austrian Empire and now the Ukraine. 

I've discovered the very best hobby with this genealogy lark,

  Met (on-line) lots of friendly people with the same interests,

  joined Yorksgen and lots of other genealogy mailing lists,

  made friends with a crazy bunch of folks spread around the globe,

  talked to cousins I didn't even know I had,

  saw a photo of my Grand-father for the first time,

  discovered five new half-siblings,

  learnt a lot about history, social history, politics and religion.

  met many members of Yorksgen at York in Aug 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2005

  and last but not least: how to make web-pages.

  If you are new to genealogy in the UK then start by reading The Emery Papers

  then surf over to Cyndi's List : just to get an idea of the unbelievable amount of 
      information available for every thing connected to family research.

  For research in England go to GENUKI

  For researching your Jewish heritage go to JewishGen

  For Information about the west Riding of Yorkshire start with a visit to:
      Tana's West Riding of Yorkshire Pages

  Add your names to the Yorkshire Surname Pages maintained 
       by Magdalena Gorrell Guimaraens 

  For information about the whole of Yorkshire start by looking at the Yorkshire pages 
      at GENUKI maintained by Colin Hinson. Be sure to join the YORKSGEN mailing list :
      the nicest people on the web. Well: most of them :-)

  For a couple of tips on searching for names and more about mailing lists see my Help Pages

Please Don't forget to sign my Guest Book !!

I personally am not connected to this church but thanks are due to 
The Church Of The Latter Day Saints for The Family Search Genealogy Service

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Jane Lachs 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005