Ruth's Photos at Leeds

Oxley Hall .. looks quite serious doesn't it ?

 .. and it was .. a week of lectures, libraries, archives, museums, record offices and days out ..

   Going to Whitby ..  

Delightful conversation at dinner ...


Brian, Janet and Dorothy 

Margaret and Barry and Pat doing something in the background ..

It was around the 4th of July when things started getting out of hand ...


Don't know what Art and Gordon were planning but it took ages ....

... to get Art out of prison again !

I don't think we'll mention Steve's name ...  oops !

 ... and from then on it was chaos :-)))

Brenda and Ruth .. no comment :-)

Magdalena Gorrell Guimaraens (aka Loose Lucy) and Jane .. absolutely no comment

   Brenda eyeing up the competition 

"Nobody can beat THIS"   

... and we thought we were colourful !

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