Well, that's one explanation :-)

Another one, from the Book of English Surnames, says-

"cock was used as a nickname for one who strutted like a cock and became a common term for apert boys being used of scullions, apprentices and servants-'servant of' " 


"Cockshute, a glade in the woods, down which the woodcock came and were caught in nets stretched across for that purpose. The annual rental of these was 4d or 6d, and there was some competition for them."


La Cockesete 1270. From Old English *cocc-scyte 'a woodland glade where nets were stretched to catch woodcock'.

Dictionary of English Place-Names, Oxford University Press, A.D. Mills 1998 Cockshutt in Shropshire


Since finding a COCKSHOTT in my tree I've been quite fascinated by the various spellings over the ages. From COKESHUTTE in  the 16th century to COTTSHOT in 20th.

I started collecting them: from the IGI, the web, various databanks and census. At the moment I have a collection of 10,000 people with over 100 hundred spelling variations !! I'm also collecting COCKSHAW and variations .. they seem to have been interchangeable at times.

I'm now the COCKSHOTT list admin at Rootsweb and am posting everything I find to it's archives... and thanks to the helpful folk at Yorksgen I'm finding a lot.


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