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The Far Side of Yorksgen
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How to spot a troll  Guide to finding and destroying pests
The Official Yorksgen 2000 Recipe Book Photo of book
Recipes collected by June Ridsdale,
mainly provided by members of YORKSGEN
How to prepare for married life in the 1950's submitted by Julie Clift
See Herbert entering the City of York
See the Yorksgen Family Photo Album
Photos from Yorksgen 2000
List Owner Breaks Down  April 1st.
A spell for the moaners and groaners  (please note: only for newbies using Method 2)

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble,

Newbies line up there at the double

Eye of newt and toe of toad,

Fold your tents and hit the road.

Go away and learn to be

Patient, polite, and grateful to me

For finding all your rellies dead

And sending to you what the census said

Instead of wanting "NOW!", and "free" -

With nary a word of thanks to see.


Witchie Pauline

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