German Genealogy

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 As you may have noticed: I personally don't have any German links in my tree 
but over the last year or so I have "met" a lot of people who have asked 
me to help them out with German roots.

Starting with my friend Linda from Melbourne: she is looking for more information about: 

Franz PONGRACIC born 15 Sept 1912

Maribor, Yugoslavia

Father Konrad PONGRACIC

Mother Maria KAPUN died 5 April 1968 Melbourne, Australia

1st wife


marriage details unknown

2 daughters

Erika 25 Nov 1941

Irena 3 Dec 1943

Birth place of daughters unknown, however assume Maribor.

2nd wife


married Austria 1947

Click on photo for a close-up

If you can help please send an email to Linda

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