Java Applets


I've admired the various photos with rippling water and special effects

for a long time now and yesterday (21.12.1999) started to do something about it.

I surfed around and found a demo from Ulead for my first try:

I did it 

Then I surfed a bit more and found one for snow from Anfy and tried it with this:


My friend Christiane has taken some lovely photos so my next try was with a photo of hers
using a pool applet from David Griffiths. Move the mouse over the photo to see the effect.


Using the snow applet from Anfy for this one of two young ladies leaving for the stars.


Maxeen and Sarah

This one is a late birthday present for Patrisia


Ocean View

And this one is for Jeannie


Going, going, gone.

For Hannah :-)



More coming up soon