13 January 2001

Bigger even than the German Government's move from Bonn to Berlin was

Georg and Sabina's move on Saturday.

   sabina.JPG (14313 Byte)   georg.jpg (17364 Byte)

Both (well known for their organizing talents) called on friends near and far ...

help1.JPG (42688 Byte)   help2.JPG (43359 Byte)   help3.JPG (45314 Byte)

help4.JPG (38261 Byte)   help5.JPG (40997 Byte)   help6.JPG (34229 Byte)

help7.JPG (17661 Byte)

Transport seemed to be a major problem but soon solved ..

waiting.JPG (42691 Byte)   transport.JPG (55351 Byte)

meeting.JPG (39452 Byte)

... by the BMW-lers having a meeting ...

bathold.JPG (42001 Byte)   bathnew.JPG (26277 Byte)

Bathroom .. old and new

childold..JPG (46375 Byte)   childnew.JPG (49600 Byte)

Kids room ... old and new


kitchenold.JPG (48927 Byte)   kitchennew.JPG (22926 Byte)

Kitchen ....   old and new

officeold.JPG (47042 Byte)   officenew.JPG (41255 Byte)

Office ... old and new

sleepold.JPG (47167 Byte)   sleepnew.JPG (36499 Byte)

Bedroom ... old and new

wohnold.JPG (37724 Byte)   wohnnew2.JPG (42531 Byte)

Living room ... old and new

They worked through the night until everything had been transported.

terrace.JPG (41840 Byte)

The next phase is actually fitting everything into the new flat ...

This is to certify that


took part in

The Big Move

and is hereby awarded the "Big Move" medal for

special bravery.