Had a lovely 50th birthday ...

We have been planning it for ages ..
started at 8 in the morning meeting Gabi and Renate who live just round the corner ..
and drove with them down to Murnau.

A small town now famous for it's connection to a group of painters who lived and worked there
at the beginning of the last century.

renate.jpg (45265 Byte)

Renate "waiting"

Met up with the rest of my "breakfast" group

(two even bought their husbands) ..

gabierwinfrank.jpg (36071 Byte)
and our own guide ..

traudl.jpg (42627 Byte)

Traudl ..
she's a art historian and guides us round the galleries of Munich once a month.

mariahelena.jpg (44170 Byte)     frankmichatraudlmarriane.jpg (44835 Byte)

We visited the Gabriele Münter house

 then up to the castle museum ..

Had a quick look at the churchyard where Gabriele Münter is buried

churchyard.jpg (28371 Byte)       viewofrussenhouse.jpg (34711 Byte)

.. and then back to the town for lunch ....

afterlunch.jpg (29038 Byte)

 before wandering up to Gabi's "mountain hut" at Stafel See ..
where we spent a couple of hours at the lake side with cake and coffee.

Got back to Munich at 8 where husband and kids were waiting with two friends and went to dinner at a Greek restaurant round the corner.

What we couldn't have planned was the weather .. it was beautiful .. 28° and hardly a cloud .. 
a really lovely day.

So what's it's like to reach 50 ?

Actually it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

renatebrush.jpg (46667 Byte)

Renate with her new brush !!

More photos when I've had them developed ..
(need more memory for this digital camera)

© Jane Lachs 4th July

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