The Eclipse

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The total eclipse in Munich 11 August 1999


We weren't quite sure where to go for the best view ... my husband had taken a days holiday ..

and we did debate going out to the mountains but lazy Jane won out.

We just walked down to the river

and to avoid all the people on the bridges we hopped down to the

river bed.


View towards the zoo

Towards the English garden


It was partly cloudy already and all round big black

monster clouds were dashing towards us.


(Trousers disguised to protect the innocent)


Henio was hoping up and down

like a child "we won't see it, just our luck etc."

But we were really lucky , there was a small patch of clear sky

where the sun was and it started to get darker

then all of a sudden all around us the people went

Oh! and Ah!

and then it went quiet for two minutes.

(Don't ask me why the sky's green !!  I'm not a photographer)


We've been waiting for it for years and in the past week we've

watched a lot of documentaries on TV but the moment where only the

corona was to be seen was breath taking. Just wish I had a better

command of the English language to describe it.

I found it very moving, I wouldn't say tears in my eyes but

there was a lump in my throat !!


And as the sun peeped out again everyone started clapping as though

the sun was a star !!!!!!!!!


Our kids who didn't want to "Go with Mum and Dad" went to a big

party in the Olympia Park and didn't see a thing ..

further along the river in the English Garden the clouds covered the

sun just for those 2 minutes !!

There's one in South Africa in the year 2001 so I suggest we hold

our second YORKSGEN meeting there.

It would be worth it.

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