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I looked after children for over 10 years when I needed to earn some extra money 
but also wanted to be at home when my kids came home from school. 
Someone suggested "child-minding" and as I don't mind children I thought it a good idea !!

The first one was Lisa:

after she left to go to kindergarten I advertised for another one

but all of a sudden I had three of them !!

Ella, Sophia and Franziska

Ella June 1999

Franziska 1995

When those 3 left for kindergarten I took another 2

Cora and Pauli, Christmas 1997,

then along came Leo

Leo June 1999


When Pauli's father thought it was a good idea to bring chocolate croissants for breakfast:

... I washed them all .............

Leo, Cora, Paul July 1998

and then got my revenge by changing this:

to this !!!!!!!!!

Cora left for kindergarten in 1998 and was replaced by Paul's brother Emil

and sometimes I have my neighbour's child Maxeen:


She NEVER sleeps in bed .......

thmaxeenella_small.jpg (2478 bytes)


but awake: she is a girl for all seasons !

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