Virus and worms

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My usual explanations for friends who are new to computers ...

What is a virus ? .. What is a worm ?

"Horrible little things that try to destroy your files"

Do I need to buy an anti-virus program ?

Not if you are not on-line and never install new software.

But I want to surf the web and write and receive emails?

Buy a good anti-virus program and up-date frequently

What shall I do when I receive an attachment from an unknown person ?

Don't open it .. Delete it

And when it's from some-one I know, a friend, my Mum, you ?

Don't open it .. email them/me  and ask if they/ I sent you something

And if they say "Yes .. it's that file we talked about last week"

Then run the (up-dated) virus scanner over it again and
if it's "clean" ... open it and enjoy :-)

As you see I'm no expert .. but I know they can make your life a misery, turn you paranoid
and when the little monsters are successful: ruin the work of days, weeks or  months"

If you want to know the ins and outs and technical details then look here

Internet Help

and join the

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