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After leaving York I stayed for a few days in Huddersfield.
With cousin Marina and her husband Mike.

callumclean.jpg (35894 Byte)   mike.jpg (26458 Byte)

Marina is the daughter of Leslie Shaw and Margaret Horsfall and has 6 children.

daniel.jpg (22613 Byte)  Daniel    adele.jpg (20551 Byte)Adele 

davidandcallum.jpg (54152 Byte)   David and Callum   mark.jpg (57078 Byte)   Marc

ben.jpg (28262 Byte)   Ben

lesliebaby.jpg (23644 Byte)

Leslie as baby ... ca. 1926

Leslie and Margaret had 13 children and I met 12 of them.

david.jpg (31320 Byte) edwina.jpg (34574 Byte)

David and his wife Edwina (nee Maude)

 sharon.jpg (23421 Byte)   anthony.jpg (23799 Byte)

Their daughter Andrea, her husband Anthony Guinan

thomas.jpg (26719 Byte)   adam.jpg (32410 Byte)

Their boys Thomas and Adam

gary.jpg (23682 Byte)   Corinna.jpg (37013 Byte)

Gary and his wife Corinna (nee Westwater)

Haley and Cora.jpg (32431 Byte)

Their daughter Haley with her daughter Cora

steven.jpg (30943 Byte)   anne at compos.jpg (36107 Byte)

Steven and his wife Anne (nee Broadbent)

jacobleanne.jpg (33949 Byte)

Their children Leanne and Jacob

carol.jpg (38825 Byte)   kara.jpg (31474 Byte)

Carol with daughter Kara

debbie - julie.jpg (38048 Byte)

Julie with her daughter Deborah

anita - nichola.jpg (32550 Byte)

Anita with niece Nichola (Julie's other daughter)

Vikki2.jpg (25420 Byte)

Anita's daughter Viktoria with Aunt Corinna

Susan.jpg (25577 Byte)

Susan and her son ....

glen.jpg (28293 Byte)   victoria.jpg (31473 Byte)

Glenn with wife Victoria

and their children .. Harry and Lewis

harry.jpg (41619 Byte)   lewis.jpg (29594 Byte)

karina.jpg (37371 Byte)   Steve.jpg (18306 Byte)

 Karina and husband Steve

serena.jpg (20745 Byte)

Their daughter Serena

NormanGladys.jpg (31909 Byte)

Steve's parents Norman and Gladys Sykes


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