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Gary was kind enough to drive me to Deepcar ..

we stopped off at cousin Sandra's house for a tea.

SandraMick.jpg (33623 Byte)

Hadn't seen them for years ..

Then stayed a couple of days at cousin Jennifer's place .. and visited the

Aunties Vera and Hilda

Back row from left to right:

Tracy, Olivia, Mary, Jane, Jennifer

Front row: Vera and Hilda

Maureen1.jpg (35347 Byte)

Maureen with daughters Tracy and Marissa

Tracy1.jpg (46297 Byte)   Marisa2.jpg (35983 Byte)

Tracy's daughter Olivia

Olivia1.jpg (42558 Byte)

Nicola1.jpg (46108 Byte)   Justin3.jpg (27085 Byte)

Jennifer's daughters Nicola and Justin

and Justin at work

Justin2.jpg (37691 Byte)

Kathyrn.jpg (15604 Byte)   Graham.jpg (15140 Byte)

Visited Kathryn and Graham at the Royd

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