Family Photos

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The first generation

waltershaw1878.jpg (21044 bytes)    Walter Shaw       janehaigh1877.jpg (31234 bytes)   Jane Haigh

Wedding photo of Walter and Jane 

janeandwalterwedding.JPG (25841 Byte)

Group photo .. four generations

group1.jpg (22448 Byte)

The second generation

bernardemma.jpg (28736 bytes)    Bernard Shaw and Emma (nee Briggs)


EvelynSHAWJohnCARR.jpg (34741 Byte)    Evelyn Shaw and John Carr


VeraHerbert1.jpg (28205 Byte)   Wedding of Vera Shaw and Herbert Crawshaw


HildaDoug1.jpg (28374 Byte)   Wedding of Hilda Shaw and Douglas Brearley and other photos.

The third generation

WillisMargaretwedding1.jpg (32220 Byte)

Wedding of Willis Charlesworth and Margaret Birch and other photos

peggyswedding.jpg (64753 bytes)

Wedding of Peggy Shaw and Eric Raynor18 July 1949

13kids1959.jpg (77478 bytes)     

Leslie Shaw and Margaret Horsfall with children 1969

JenniferBrearley.jpg (13875 Byte)

Jennifer Brearley (more coming up)

MaureenCrawshaw.jpg (16742 Byte) 

Maureen Crawshaw (more coming up)

JaneMary.jpg (15483 Byte)

Jane and Mary Carr (more coming up)

The fourth generation

AnnCharlesworth.jpg (15969 Byte)

Ann Charlesworth


13 Shaw children

SteveSchool1963.jpg (49392 Byte)   

Marsden Infant School 1963 Steven Shaw .. 

4th from left front row.  2nd from left front row is  Philip Warwick,  best man at Steve's wedding.

BenjaminJennifer.jpg (16819 Byte)  

Benjamin and Jennifer Lachs ...  October 1999

Sandraswedguests.jpg (17218 Byte) sandrawed2.jpg (14127 Byte)

Wedding guests of Sandra Shaw and Michael Brodie... 9 March 1963

DavidEdwinaWed1.jpg (15035 Byte) David Shaw and Edwina Maude's wedding 1966 and ....

DavidEdwinaSilWed.jpg (21069 Byte) 25 years later .. the silver wedding anniversary.

The fifth generation

lijacob_small.jpg (2058 bytes) Leanne and Jacob Shaw

callumbenmarina.jpg (59516 Byte)  Callum Rhys Michael Shaw

The newest twig !!


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