The first 3 files on this page were extracted from the

Parish Registers of Almondbury

The register consists of Book 1, Vol. 1; Book 1, Vol. 2 and Book 2.

They are followed by text files, in alphabetical order, of Beaumont marriages from all of England.

Right at the bottom are Shaw surnames from the 3 books.

All these records were extracted by

Charles K. Arnold and his wife Marjorie

This page is still under construction.

Please see note at the bottom of the page.

Updated 16.12.2000


Book 1, Vol. 1 from 1557 - 1562

Book1, Vol. 2

Book 2 from 1653 - 1666

Surnames listed in Parish Register Vol. 1 Part 1     1557-1598

Marriages in England


Abrahamus to Avies

Barbara to Bridget

Catherine to Constance

Daniell to Dorothy

Edith to Ermengarde

Faith to Francis

Geoffrey to Gundreda

Hawise to Humphray

Isabel to Isabell

Jas to John

John to Julyan

Lucy to Michael

Nicholas to Pearce

Randall to Rose

Sansom to Sibell

Temperance to Trustbam


Waleran to William

Shaw births, marriages and deaths from Almondbury 1558 - 1597

Shaw births, marriages and deaths from Almondbury 1659 - 1664


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Just a word about these files: Every so often there is a gap in the record-the largest that I can recall is a period of about 9 months. When I first started extracting the register, I copied down the 'Sus' & 'Spon' even when the event recorded had little or nothing to do with the genealogy. I did this because it indicated that these persons existed at this time and place. These additional notes only occur when a person was baptized. Without the entire entry they seem to have no relevance. In the SHAW package they were included only with the event and because it seemed to me as I extracted the names to indicate some relationship as to relatives of friends of the family, so to speak. Most often there were 2 men & 1 woman. Seems to bare some relationship to the Catholic of today with God-parents etc.  Charles K. Arnold 21 July 1999